OCF covers a 2.300 m2 area, 1.100 m2 in its historical site, and 1.200 m2 in the new site.


Historical site

New site

Our History

OCF, Officina Fratelli Consonni, was founded in 1972 in Chiuduno by three brothers, Paolo, Luigi and Mario Consonni. Chiuduno was a small rural village, close to the city of Bergamo and in the following years, the village grew up to become an important industrial area.

During the past years, the handcraft work, which educated young boys to become men, developed into a modern and up-to-date industrial concept. New technologies gave way to the old handcraft work, however the key concepts of the philosophy, which is behind this development, the competence and professionalism, our aim to precision, remained, unaltered. We care for our customers’ needs.

OCF has recently invested in new machines and equipment, that enable us to be competitive on the market and satisfy our customers’ requirements for “just in time” responses.

Our 40-years-old experience makes OCF a very professional and flexible company. We can alternate single part machining to complete small-medium series machining though keeping time and costs at a competitive level.

OCF is looking towards the future very enthusiastically thanks to our quality awareness and to our strong philosophy.


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